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Are you ready for the trip of your life? Wrocław and Friend’s Hostel will be waiting for you with open arms to welcome you. Do you want to stay with us? Below is a list of rules you should know. We present to you our few rules to ensure our guests a peaceful stay.

1. Check-in

Our reception is always available for you, but rooms will be waiting for you in specific hours. Check-in begins at 2.00 PM on arrival day to 10.00 AM the next day. We’re expecting your arrival in those hours the most!

If you would like to checkout after a well spent night – come to reception and simply checkout. Otherwise, we will have to charge you 10 PLN for every hour after checkout time or we will have to move your belongings to another place… and we don’t want to do that to our guests!

2. Identification

Beds in shared spaces and private rooms are rented to a specific person. Having our guests safety in mind, we always ask our guests to confirm their identity, with valid personal ID.

In addition – applicants for a visa for Poland should report it at the reception desk of Hostel in order to obtain a letter to the embassy, confirming your reservation at our Hostel. The letter shall be drawn up and sent to given e-mail address not later than 24 hours from receiving payment for your stay.

3. Rooms

Our Hostel offers modern rooms from 1 to 5 people. We are giving you an option to rent a whole room for yourself or a single bed in shared room.

4. Assigning rooms

You can decide on your own, which rooms would be suitable for you and for how long you want to stay. If you won’t specify for how long you want to stay, we will assume you came for one night (from 2.00 PM to 10.00 AM the next morning). You can extend your stay any time you wish… and we’re looking forward to it!

5. Payment

We accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, cash and wire transfers.

If you want to make a reservation, you can do it through the contract form. Also, you can do it personally at reception desk, by calling us (+48) 792 101 777 or by sending us an e-mail: kontakt(at)friendshostel.com.pl. Reservation requires advance payment. You can pay it into Hostel Bank Account, which you will acquire with confirmation of your reservation or by authorisation of your Credit Card – by providing us with your Credit Card number, expiration date and CVC number. Advance payment is half of your reservation value.

We await your payment up to three days from the moment of reservation or within a period agreed with reception.

Do you need an invoice? Inform us about that during your stay, we will issue an invoice within 7 days from the payment day.

6. Cancellation of reservation

Have you booked a room, but something got in a way? It is not a problem, we understand that. Inform us about that three days prior to your reservation date by e-mail or phone. If you will inform us about a cancellation within seven days before your stay we will send you back the payment.

7. Special offer and additions

We prepared for you many additions included with your stay. Except free Wi-Fi we are offering you bedding, which is also included. If necessary, you can borrow a towel for only 5 PLN a piece.

We offer also plenty of other, free services. We’d be pleased to provide you information about your stay, we will wake you up at any time you wish and will store your luggage in a safe place or provide you with lockers. All for free!

8. Guests behavior

We are providing our guests with a comfortable stay and we don’t want to restrict them. However, there are some rules you will have to follow, so everyone will have a comfortable stay. Lights-out is from 11.00 PM to 7.00 AM. At this time we ask you to act quietly within’ the premises, so your neighbors can rest through the night in silence and comfort of sleep.

No smoking is allowed anywhere in Hostel area. Not everyone likes the smell of tobacco and violation of this prohibition costs 200 PLN. This payment will fully be allocated to washing bedclothes, carpets and blind cords.

Last person leaving the room is requested to close the door behind and leave the key at the reception desk. In case of losing the key we will have to charge 100 PLN.

Please follow all posted regulations. We want to enjoy the peace and give our guests maximum comfort. Guests who won’t follow the foregoing rules can be checked-out or won’t be allowed to check-in – no refunds will be given in case of non-compliance.